#4 The Holy Spirit is God’s Universal Presence in the World and is Not Limited to Those Who Know Jesus

PERHAPS THE GREATEST THEOLOGICAL deficiency of most people, Christians and non-Christians alike,  is in their understanding of the Holy Spirit. Certainly, it is hard to get a handle on the Spirit. As is widely recognized because of the third chapter of John, there is a close relationship between wind and Spirit (see v. 8). Just as it is hard to hold the wind, it is difficult to grasp the meaning of the Spirit.

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2 thoughts on “#4 The Holy Spirit is God’s Universal Presence in the World and is Not Limited to Those Who Know Jesus

  1. The concept of the Holy Spirit has been very problematic over the centuries of Christianity. I agree with you that the Spirit is everywhere and working in all things to bring forth good. But, is there a problem when we equate the ‘truth’ found in Hinduism or Islam with Christian truth. If so, why missionaries. If Christianity is just the best way to god but not the only way, is not universalism the proper conclusion? Much to ponder here.


  2. Thanks, Graham, for your comments and the important question you raised. A short answer to “why missionaries” is this: since there is truth in Christianity, why preachers/evangelists in countries that are predominantly Christian? Obviously, I think, they are needed because not all the people in the so-called “Christian” countries are followers of Truth. Many are just “cultural Christians.” That is surely the same for “cultural Hindus” in India or “cultural Muslims” throughout the Middle East (or Indonesia). Just being Hindu or Muslim does not necessarily mean knowledge of or a right relationship with God/Allah/the Absolute.

    Further, “universalism” usually means the doctrine that all people will be “saved,” but to say that the Spirit is present and active universally (as well as particularly) is far different from saying that everyone will come to know and follow the Truth.


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