#8 God Loves All of Creation

WE NEED TO THINK more now about the meaning and significance of God’s love. Through the first seven chapters, the love of God has been discussed only briefly. But the Bible is very clear: “God is love” (1 John 4:8 and 4:16).

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4 thoughts on “#8 God Loves All of Creation

  1. Thanks, Leroy. Just briefly, I’m gratefully reminded of Genesis 1: 20, 24, 30 and 2:7 where both humans and creatures are “nephish hayyah,” “living beings/creatures,” and thus could easily be construed as possessing the “breath of God.” I always wondered whether the prophet Hosea were thinking of such a tradition as he speaks of God’s establishing a “covenant” between people and animals (Hos. 2:18).


    1. “Thanks for reading this chapter and for commenting, Milton. Yes, as you point out there seems to be an important similarity among all living beings, but I had not remembered the verse in Hosea 2:18 and am not sure what the ‘covenant’ there means. Thanks, though, for calling that to my attention and consideration.”


  2. Excellent chapter and could you Please send me an autographed copy of your book?
    It will be displayed in a `Special` place in my bookcase with my other autographed books.
    Include an invoice, so I can reimburse you for the shipping & handling expense.
    John(Tim) Carr


    1. “John Tim, I am sorry to say that at this point the book has not been published, so I don’t have anything that can be autographed. When I finish revising all 30 chapters–and I am gently revising each chapter before posting each article about them–I will think again about trying to get the whole book in print.


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